On the 1st September 2010,  St Andrews Methodist Church and St Marks United Reformed Church formally joined together to become Local Ecumenical Partnership, called "St Andrews & St Marks Church (Methodist/United Reformed)". It is a time of great celebration and hope.

This has brought together two churches that have meant so much to the people of this village. in fact, South East Northumberland has been leading the way in church unity. Some 23 churches from the Methodist and the United Reformed Church formed the South East Ecumenical Area in 2004, and effecively, we operate as a single denomination, sharing our ministry and our strengths, gifts and resources.

The new church LEP meets for worship and other activities at the St Andrews Church building and at Simonside Hall.

The next few years should be exciting as we seek to follow God's path for us. You will be very welcome to join us on our journey.